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The 2ND Service School, JMSDF is located upon the grounds of the Imperial Japanese Navy Torpedo School that was founded during the Meiji Period (1868-1912). During the beginning of the Showa Period (late 1920s), communications research took place at the school, and in 1952, the command for the Maritime Safety Security Force, the precursor of the Maritime Self-Defense Force, was established. Visitors can learn more about the history and development of the school at the Naval Historical Archives.

To everyone who is considering visiting Yokosuka
Please be aware of the prevention of infection based on the "new lifestyle" such as wearing a mask and washing your hands thoroughly.


Tauraminato-cho, Yokosuka

15-minute walk from JR Taura Station. 15-minute walk from Keikyu Taura Station.


Weekdays Morning 10:30~11:30 Afternoon 13:30~14:30

Naval Historical Archives open to tours. Contact the General Affairs Div.,The 2nd Service School,JMSDF and make an appointment 2 weeks in advance.


Naval Historical Archives

The 2nd Service School, JMSDF

046-822-3500 General Affairs Div.,The 2nd Service School,JMSDF

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