B. Shioiri / Yokosuka Chuo / Hemi
Modern architecture
Japan heritage

As the Imperial Japanese Navy was expanding following the end of the Russo-Japanese War, the Navy planned for the further development of its water supply system. Modern waterworks construction plans were implemented so that water drawn from the Nakatsu River, a tributary of the Sagami River, was supplied to the Hemi Purification Plant. After World War II, the naval waterworks facilities were transferred to the City of Yokosuka, and they have greatly supported the livelihoods of the citizens ever since.

To everyone who is considering visiting Yokosuka
Please be aware of the prevention of infection based on the "new lifestyle" such as wearing a mask and washing your hands thoroughly.


2-10 Nishihemi-cho, Yokosuka

10-minutes walk from Hemi Station.
15-minutes walk from JR Yokosuka Station.

Not Open to the General Public

Not Open to the General Public

Not Open to the General Public

Not Open to the General Public


046-822-8607(General Affairs Div., Waterworks and Sewerage Bureau

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