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Sarushima is the only naturally formed island in Tokyo Bay and is accessible via a 10-minute ferry from Mikasa Pier. The brick ammunition depots from the Meiji Period (1868-1912) and other facilities are well preserved. As one of the fortifications for the Tokyo Bay Fortress, it was designated as a National Historic Site and a Japan Heritage Cultural Property. In addition to the abundance of nature and history, many people also visit this uninhabited island to enjoy activities such as swimming, barbeque, and art and music events.

To everyone who is considering visiting Yokosuka
Please be aware of the prevention of infection based on the "new lifestyle" such as wearing a mask and washing your hands thoroughly.


1 Sarushima, Yokosuka

Take a bus from JR Yokosuka Station and walk 7 minutes from ODAKICHO bus stop.
Take a bus from Yokosuka-chuo Station and get off at MIKASA Park bus stop or walk 15 minutes from the station. 10-minute ferry ride from Mikasa Pier.

■ Admission Fee
15 years old and over (excluding junior high school students): 500 yen
Elementary and Junior High School Student: 250 yen
■ Sarushima Ferry Fee
Adult: 1,500
Elementary School Student: 750 yen
Group discount available

March - November 9:30~17:00
December - February 9:30~16:00

Open Daily (may be inaccessible due to severe weather)

Mikasa Park Parking Lot Available Nearby



Park Administration Div., Yokosuka City
Tryangle Co., Ltd.

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