C. Hashirimizu, Kannonzaki, Otsu, Uraga

The Uraga Ferry dates back to the Edo period (1600s-1868), and it was said that the shishi samurai during the Late Edo Shogunate (mid-19th century), Sakuma Shozan and Yoshida Shoin, visited the Japanese inn, Tadoya, that existed on the east side of Uraga. The ferry route is named Uraga Kaido, or “Uraga Sea Route,” and it is unique within Japan as a municipal road on the sea. Passengers being transported across this road will have the opportunity to see a special view of Uraga from the waters.


East Pier: 2-19-10 Higashiuraga
West Pier: 1-2-19 Nishiuraga

East Pier: Take a bus from Uraga Station and walk 3 minutes from SHINCHO bus stop.
West Pier: Take a bus from Uraga Station and get off at KONYACHO bus stop.

Adult: 400 yen Elementary and Junior High School Student: 200 yen
Preschooler: Free admission per attending adult (More than one preschooler will be charged elementary and junior high school student fee)
Child under 1 year old: Free
Bicycle: 50 yen

7:00~17:00 (Service Suspended: 12:00~13:00)

December 31 - January 3 (Closed during severe weather or ship maintenance)



Operating Conditions: 046-825-7144 (Tryangle)
Other: 046-822-8346 (Public Works Planning Division, Yokosuka City)

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