C. Hashirimizu, Kannonzaki, Otsu, Uraga
Opening of the country

The Uraga Magistrate’s Office was established on 1720 in the area formerly known as Nishi Uraga Village. There were facilities such as the Uraga Administration Office for official duties and the Uraga Inspection Office which inspected ships entering and leaving Edo (present-day Tokyo). When Commodore Perry arrived with his Black Ships off the shores of Uraga, Nakajima Saburosuke, a samurai official for the Uraga Magistrate’s Office, met and negotiated with the Americans.

To everyone who is considering visiting Yokosuka
Please be aware of the prevention of infection based on the "new lifestyle" such as wearing a mask and washing your hands thoroughly.


Around 5-17 Nishiuraga, Yokosuka

Take a bus from Uraga Station or Keikyu Kurihama Station and walk 4 minutes from NISHIURAGACHO 4-CHOME bus stop.


Area inside the barrier is inaccessible to the public. (Some areas are open 24 hours.)




046-822‐8526 Townscape Div., Yokosuka City

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