F. Nishi
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Here, you can enjoy the scenery that has remained timeless since the 1600s during the Edo Period. A year before Commodore Perry’s Black Ships arrived in the waters of Uraga, the famous ukiyo-e painter, Ando Hiroshige (also known as Utagawa Hiroshige), created a piece depicting the view of Tateishi and Mt. Fuji from Akiya Beach. It is also possible to see the Diamond Fuji phenomenon twice a year from here.

To everyone who is considering visiting Yokosuka
Please be aware of the prevention of infection based on the "new lifestyle" such as wearing a mask and washing your hands thoroughly.


3-5 Akiya, Yokosuka

Take a bus from JR Zushi Station or Zushi・Hayama Station and get off at TATEISHI bus stop.




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